Neimology reading for Rhys D’Ivore =) this turned out longer than i thought so im doing evie seperately

First things first - he’s an extreme character. He’s very rebellious and the crusader type. He can see the extreme’s of most situations and is one the rare personalities that has limitless boundaries. He has the talent and brains and/or privilege to go where he chooses and succceeds in nearly everything he does so there’s little fear of failure.

He’s the type that when faced with a problem, has the smarts to see the whole picture and the details, and can work out a way to solve it including parts of the equation that other personalities don’t think about or tend forget or put aside.
He’s experimental and is a risk taker and again, because of his confidence and the good fortune for always succeeding, he doesn’t think of failing or the consequences because he rarely has to face them. So you could imagine how dumbstruck he feels when he does.

He expects things to be easy for him, whether that’s through his own mental capability and/or pride (or even just privilege again) So when he evaluates a situation and decides that it’s a bit too much for him, it’s too hard, he won’t cope etc he has a tendency to procrastinate doing the job.

The name suggest that he is quite smart and is willing to keep learning. Regardless of task, he will use his thinking patterns with street smarts and acedemic learning to solve problems creatively. He’s the character with a slightly different thinking pattern and perhaps it’s this quality that maybe his sister is used to seeing as the name suggest that he can be perceived as being ‘perfect’ alot.

The downside to this is that he can be very egotistical about his way of doing things. His way is the best way because it rarely fails him.
Although, of course he’s far from it. He has a hard time getting to grips with things. He overthinks things and often his judgement can be clouded by politics, peer pressure and/or his own desires.

He’s most likely to be the person that has mastered his own feelings quite a bit but sentimentality still plays a big part. So he’s a big ole softie really. All cold and cool on the outside, big old fluffy marshmallow on the inside.

As an extreme personality, he is extreme in all that does. He’s a quick study but he’s patient. He is always watching other people and taking note of all the things not to do, in order to keep everything on track. So if he makes it his goal to take over (which he will) he will remember every little slip up or wrong word. He’s the type to actively improve a situation without making all those tired promises we’re all so used to hearing from others.

He has alot of rebellious energy in his name as well. He’s a crusader. He will stand up for his beliefs and will self sacrifice for what he believes is a good cause. He can religiously stick to all rules or break them all. I guess in Rhys case, perhaps he does both depending on who he’s with.

For Rhys, when he reaches a middle ground, where he can apply his activist nature with respectable sense, he can become a force to be reckoned with and when you apply that to his situation as a prince, I believe he’ll be make a good King. He and Gloria can make the most of their political marriage and be the power couple that Gloria clearly intends to be, it’s just going to take someone to teach Rhys what ‘the grey area’ means. He needs to learn how to compromise with forces without being a puppet altogether. He has the sharp thinking ability with the passionate nature. He’s a quick learner from books and people and he will continue to learn and observe. He can enlighten others. He values fairness. He’s a realist. He knows when people are real or not. He wants the truth and desires to correct the wrongs. This is the positive potential in his name and to me, those are traits that a leader needs, especially if his role is as one of those old world Kings where the entire wellbeing of his country and people relies solely on his choices.
So all Ivore’s hopes are all placed on Axis (I would like to quote Galadriel here but i’ll resist lol)

The negative aspect to the name is that he expects alot from others and can be a little overbearing. When upset, he is destructive. He has claws and because he’s mastered the art of controlling his feelings, you won’t really know that you’ve upset him. (unless he’s having an absolute melt down, obviously lol) Combine that with his patience, he’s a dangerous enemy. He will sit and plot, whilst all the while smiling and being polite to you so you’ll probably not see it coming when he decides to get his own back.

He also has the habit of saying the right thing at the right time but can be so vague that he’s often misunderstood and can find himself in a ‘foot in mouth’ situation (like quite recently lol)
He has a long memory and moves forward with a lot of force so lets hope it’s a positive one. Everybody can go either way in their situations but for Rhys the outcome will be extreme. He’ll either be a great King, a great Tyrant or a great disappointment.

On a happier note, he is gracious when he’s satisfied with how things are going. He can make people feel good about themselves. Again, that would be a great characteristic with his passionate, activist side. He’d make a very charismatic speaker and has a lot of staying power.
He’s thoughtful and considerate of others (believe it or not) and will happily promote the people who have pleased him if he’s in a position to do so, so good news for Axis! =))

The family name of D’Ivore is definitely a royal family name. Family names are the childhood enviroment, lessons they’ve learnt, habits they’ve taken with them or are trying to break etc
So the family of D’Ivore is a very ‘family’ family. They work together and keep up a strong family unit facade. Any problems within the circle are hushed up and dealt with behind closed doors. They were probably one of two extremes for Rhys. Either they were there all the time or not there enough and from the looks of it, it probably wasnt enough. It is a family that focuses on ‘leadership’. Obviously, for this plot, it’s their role as the royal family but for the everyday person, that could be a family that always pushes their kids to higher places like top universities, doctors, lawyers etc

There’s always a push to be the best. They’re pretty idealistic. So you can imagine for babbie Rhys, who has so much rebellious pride in his name, the poor wee mite probably had quite a few tantrums.

The family are probably a very adored family at least from the outside. Perhaps, this has caused them to be a little egotistical in a ‘we’re God’s gift to others’ sort of way. (Half expected from a royal family though isnt?) If there are any feelings of superiority it would be behind closed doors. They wouldnt risk their image by saying something that might cause an upset.
Because of this, I doubt they have bad time keeping, however the name does suggest a difficulty with time. So maybe it’s an emotional aspect. Despite their attention to the family unit,  they might not have spent enough time being a family, perhaps because of royal duties or, more morbidly, they’ve died early, such as Rhys’ mother or the King himself not being able to survive illness long enough to attend Rhys wedding etc

They are pretty much what you would expect from a royal family. They will self sacrifice for the good of a group. They desire honesty and loyality more than most and should it ever be broken, they won’t forget it. They value fairness but as with most historical monarachs, they’re downfall is when they put themselves first. They don’t like being told what to do, prefering their own way, whatever way that is so fingers crossed it’s for the good of everyone.

They can be a little arrogant and what’s a royal family without a few illicit affairs! There’s a strong temptation for sex in the name including homosexual. But again, damage control so they must really hate Rhys lol  Rhys father seems to have been liked to some degree, so I can only assume he used the positive lessons from the family enviroment and if he didnt, well nobody outside the palace would have known.

oh, those royals.

One last thing, there is a good balance between male and female energy. So that can be interpreted as either an old fashioned, male heirs are kings and females are brides and mothers and they accept and embrace those roles, or, you could say that because of this comfort between male and female energy, they aren’t opposed to a woman inheriting the throne. (And that just has me thinking, ooo, pretty sure Gloria and Rhys are having sex once, what happens if it’s a girl? lol xD)

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New page up at!

And here’s Axis =) Neimology reading

I believe for most readers, Axis gives the impression that he doesnt care about anything else but himself. And that’s sort of true LOL It’s just that his main desire for his life is that he has to have control over it.

He desires independence in all areas of life the more than anything. He needs to be able to support himself financially and he needs choices. This may come across as selfish, and depending on the circumstances it can be because he will always put his own needs first. He needs to be independent at all costs. He doesn’t mind someone looking after him as long as he knows he hasn’t lost his freedom. He won’t be Rhys lapdog.
The positive attributes to his name give him reliability, both for self and others. He’s obsessive with work, which I suppose you could argue. He is hard working and detail orientated, which are useful if you’re a sex worker lol He’s obviously willing to please his customers the best he can and gets a lot of self satisfaction out of it.

He is also an over indulger and craves praise. Like Atros, he has a tendency to beat himself up a little and wants to quit whenever he’s criticized. (so maybe that’s why he’s been in so many brothels? lol sorry)
He at times, when feeling insecure, doesnt see much value in himself. That he’ll never be good enough and doesnt react well to judgemental criticism.
He doesnt like being told no and hates being given unreasonable demands and authority.

When he works, he really goes for it but when he puts his feet up, he’s the best there is. Lying all over the sofa with dirty feet and his face in claret’s breasts is probably one of his favourite past times.

Axis is obviously using more of his negative traits. He is incredibly lazy. He’s a slob, he’s argumentative, is clearly opposed to anyone with any kind of authority over him, he’s arrogant etc
He has the potential to be acedemic but perhaps in his laziness has decided to just go with the flow and ignore all things that he doesn’t like or can get by without.

However, like Atros, he is the type to abandon all things and resume them later when he’s feeling more up to it. So perhaps now as we see him, this is him with his feet up. He has sex for a living, makes good money out of it, has a roof over his head, a bed to sleep in and food in his belly. So he can support himself perfectly fine without much of an effort. It’s a win/win position for him. No wonder he loves it so much xD

However, since things are changing, it’s possible that we may start to seeing his responsible side more and more. Yes, he’s a little slow and needs a giant ass painting in front of him to put 2 and 2 together but he isnt resistant to learning new things and does have the potential to grow in areas of interest or talents. Given his independent nature, as long as he’s given his own space and time and constructive encouragement, he can learn new things or skills and earn a living in other areas, though perhaps he’d more interested in something that still allows him to be in charge of himself (and possibly something physical lol dont he’s a desk type lol)

He is a logical person and isnt completely unaware of other people’s feelings or needs and when the time arises, he is capable of putting people before himself and try to help them out a little. He can be compassionate and considerate of others. He likes giving people a boost.
I don’t think anyone could argue that he’s fairly happy go lucky. He is the type that just deals with it when it hits him and often finds himself in lucky circumstances anyway so perhaps that’s a little reason as to why he can be so fearless in tough situations. He always comes out on top regardless of what gets thrown at him.

Third post Rory and I threw Remy in at the end, no point doing her seperately =)

Rory + Remy Dubois

Fun for the teacups

Rory, for all his sweet fragility portrayed in the comic, is actually alot feistier and headstrong than first impressions. He’s just really good at hiding it. He likes to be in charge and hates being micromanaged. To have someone looking over his shoulder drives him nuts. He doesn’t like being told what to do and prefers to be asked, and you only have to ask him once. He will remember it and decide for himself when and how to do things. ( Probably a trait that Reed has known for quite some time and is trying to get Rory to just be himself.) However, he does like feeling useful to others and will do most things that he’s asked, making sure to do it well.

He’s a mother personality as he is a natural nurturer and protective over the people and things that he cares about. However, because he works silently in the background, his helpful deeds for others can sometimes go unnoticed and leave him feeling underappreciated and moody.
He does have very magnetic qualities though and when in charge, he likes to have things done his own way. For Rory, this isnt being bossy, this is just simply getting the job done and making sure its done right. He likes routine. He is the type to have a routa or a check list to make sure that everything that needs to be done that day gets done.

He carries alot of responsibilities, either ones he’s taken on himself or been thrust on by others because of his helpful nature, so when the pressure gets to him and hes feeling overwhelmed, he has a habit of projecting onto others. He will pass blame for things.

Although a little bit dominating, he is more of a team player than most. He will fight for fairness and will stand up for both himself and others. He hates being lied to, requires loyality and will carry a grudge if it’s broken. He may be polite to you but he won’t forget or trust you again.

At first, when starting new things, Rory can lack a little tact but as he gets into his routine and gets a momentum going he will get a hold of things and seem almost like a professional.

There is a lot of rebellious energy in his name. He’s the type to either follow all rules religiously or break them all until he’s reached some sort of maturity. He sees everything in black and white and in his desire for fairness and truth, he can be a bit of a crusador for things he believes in so he would make a very passionate activist and would be willing to sacrifice for whatever cause, in the hope that it would enlighten others.
His rebellious nature also creates a desire to love who he wants and how he wants. He’s the type that would hate to be told that he has to go to college, get a good job then find a nice girl and settle down. If there was a member of the family he wasnt sure of, he would be the child who would feel uncomfortable giving a kiss goodbye etc

On the other hand, there is a strong energy that is desperate to be liked so this going to dampen his passion. He won’t speak up in fear of being critized and isolated. Obviously, if he’s surrounded by people that believe in the same thing he does, then of course he will but how he behaves and reacts all depends on the company he keeps. He will evaluate the person or people and decide what parts of him to show or to create in order to fit in and hide the bits that will bring disapproval, and this is mostly done subconsciously. Rather than it being an egotistical trait, it’s more of a survival one. There’s a need to belong somewhere.

Rory is curious in nature, much like Linneus, but is a home body. The home enviroment is important to him. He is very generous in nature as well as the desire to be helpful so he needs to be careful that people don’t take advantage of him emotionally or physically as when he feels he’s been used and/or abused he will likely (considering the rest of the name) probably be left shaken especially if it was someone he trusted.

The family name is normally what that person has learnt from their family, habits they have either continued or have made it a goal to break. The interpretation for Dubois will also include Remy.

So the family name of Dubois first gives the impression that they are a very fun family. They are good story tellers and entertaining to listen to and are slightly adventurous. They might have been ambitious (and perhaps a little cocky) and adapted to fit most crowds but you need to be careful as they might have been gossips or created gossip. They were also survivors. No matter how much prior hardship was endured, they were/are the type of family to always land on their feet. Rory was maybe taught to be resourceful and resilient. This maybe is his reason for being untruthful in regards to his real personality.

Theres a focus on being book smart but we’ve yet to learn Rory’s family status (although Dubois sounds pretty upperclass but then anything  french sounding seems really posh lol) and where he ranked on societies ladder. There was a focus on always to be learning something. Never sit idle, make yourself useful somewhere. They probably taught independence a lot as well and the ability to always look at a situation from different angles, so they were/are a very ‘pull your boot straps up’ sort of family.

They might also have been very hard on Rory. They’re the type of family to hold people to very high standards and expect results regardless of cost and are very competitive. They may have had a very ‘you serve me’ attitude (which i could definitly believe if they are upperclass) and dont really consider other people’s feelings and have little patience, so they can come of as rather mean sometimes.

While i’m here, im just going to throw Remy in as well. She has similar characteristics as Rory, in that she has both the rebellious aspect to her name, as well as the desire to be liked. And we all know that she clearly hides parts of her true colours in order to be liked.

However, thats pretty much it. She is alot more emotional than Rory. She is sensitive and it annoys her when her feelings arent considered however, she’s not the type to cry at the drop of a hat. She on the surface, might seem calm but for Remy, its because she’s probably buried feelings down and allows small portions out at a time.
She also has a very keen eye for beauty. She’s the type of girl who probably spends alot of time primping herself as she likes to look nice.
She’s also very observant of other people and this is where it gets interesting. She’s a lot more chaotic than Rory and can be very extreme in her undertakings. She is a very ‘me first’ person. This energy will bring her emotions and her desire to be liked to the extreme. She will do anything to fit in (and then probably take over and lead) and if you’ve hurt her feelings, watch out.

When used positively, this is a great quality for her passionate side. However, its a slightly fragile sort of energy and if it runs out of control, it becomes the biggest negative challenge in her name. She becomes extremely manipulative and her method is emotional ( I can’t argue that considering how she’s treated Rory so far) and normally people who are emotionally manipulative border on abusive.

So Remy really is a see saw name. When it’s positive, she’s a pistol. She can be a true ‘Joan of Arc’ sort of personality. Give this girl a purpose to stand for and she’ll go charging in on a white horse, her sword drawn with a whole army she’s impassioned riding behind her. But when it’s negative, I feel like even Regina George would be scared of her lol If anyone is going to turn out to be psychotic, it’s going to be Remy.

Hihi! This is the reading for Linneus. Since I dont have a family name, it’s just for ‘Linneus’

Fun for the teacups

Before i write anything, just want to point out that the word ‘us’ is at the end. Just saying lol

The name of Linneus denotes someone who is either all about his family or all about himself. There’s no inbetween.

Family issues are a big thing with this name, either positive or negative. However, he’s also the type of person who treats friends like his family. There isn’t a differing level of importance. You could say he’s one of those people that just loves everyone (no pun intended lol bad joke sorry lol). So, leaving the Teahouse isnt just leaving a building that he considers home, it’s also leaving everyone who lives there behind as well, people he may feel are his family. Argent’s the big sis, Claret’s mum, Rory’s the little brother, Axis the grumpy uncle, Merc the unorthodox cousin, twice removed lol

For Linn, it’s clearly negative family issues. He was ‘traded’ into servatude by his father, befriended Xanthe and away the rocket flies. It’s the people closest to him that have a big impact on him and are critical to his well being.
If there were older people around that he cared for, he would likely feel alot of responsiblity for them. He’s the kid that goes to visit the grandparents, calls people up to see if they’re okay or if theres anything they need, will be there for visiting hours on the dot etc

On the negative side, there is often unresolved feelings of abandonment or ill treatment in childhood and when they feel they havent recieved enough attention from family, they will create scenes in order to attract the attention they crave. Doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the kid that threw himself to the floor in a bad temper but he was the child that maybe acted out fantasies such as calling himself an astronaut, doctor, princess etc. He would have found ways of drawing people’s attention to him, positive or negative, just as long as they were looking at him.

Bad press is better than no press at all.

Because of the influence the family unit has over this personality, Linneus is a survivor. He has learnt to cope and tackle through on his own with whatever he’s been given. Perhaps in Linneus case, he has chose to take care of himself because there is no one else or if he feels that he needs to look after Xanthe in anyway, he’s put himself first in order to look after Xanthe, such as, maybe he thought becoming a whore was a way to help in some manner?

He’s an idealist and needs to feel included. In fact, he’s the type who needs to be involved or he will make himself physically sick which would make sense for someone who may be dealing with abandonment issues.
Interesting for Linneus, the name suggests that, yes, he likes being the focus of attention but that he would also make a good leader and has natural leadership abilities. Appointed or not, others see him as being in charge, so perhaps for Linn’s plot, that could be because he’s been at the Teahouse the longest for the other characters, and is one half of the main pair for the reader, so he is in a sense, leading. Because he likes to feel included, he may also have a small tendency to poke into others business. His all knowing aura could also be because alot of people go to him for advice as he’s approachable ( and gives good advice) and thus has personal information forced on him, in his effort to help lol e.g rory or Yvette.
He’s also exceptionally empathic. The type of person to make people’s problems his own and has a natural ability to see various different points of view, which makes for a good listener and advice giver.

In general, he prefers harmony and is a peace keeper, this helps him feel secure around other people so he doesnt handle anger well. He needs to feel competent at his job and takes his responsiblities seriously. They give him purpose and value.

The name suggests that he was very self confident in his youth but as he’s gotten older he’s a lot more uncertain and quicker to second guess himself. He’s also very protective over his loved ones. If someone was sick or having problems, he’s the type to take their suffering and make it his own. No surprise that the name also suggests a love for children and animals, and that he’s also quite curious in nature and is quite willing to try new things with little encouragement.  

It also suggests that he’s a life long learner which I find interesting. Its easy to see Linn as the pretty thing with fancy clothes and jewellery, but a book in his hand and doing the accounts? Linn may be smarter than what we all expect him to be, almost like the ‘all models are stupid’ mentality. In Linn’s case, he obviously hasnt been given much of a hope acedemically (except for what Xanthe has managed to teach him) but saying he’s a life long learner who’s curious and will try new things with little encouragement, if someone was to hand him a language book, or give him a task to learn something, such as piece of piano music, the name would suggest that’s he the type to be happy do so.
His sense of humour can be a little sporadic but is often the intelligent type of humour.

Also interestingly, the name deals with quite a bit of money and power. This is a person who will have it when required however money will be linked to the family, either the extra or lack off. He works hard for his money and through this, has learnt to be wise with it. His emotions are also somewhat tied to money. He perhaps draws a lot of self worth out of how much he can make. So in Linn’s case, maybe that’s exactly how he feels with customers. Maybe it was a case of ‘im worth more as a whore, than i am as a servant’ (i remember a famous courtesan stated something similar once but now cant remember her name)
Which only reinforces that Linn was hurt by Xanthe’s actions with Liard. Not that he cared about him but more, ‘this was a customer who spent alot a money on me, I earned lots of money for you and a bucket full of self esteem for me and he’s just not coming back?’
Whether or not you agree with that interpretation or if that was the case, you cant deny seriously, ouch.

On a happier, cheekier note. Linneus loves to flirt. In fact, sometimes he just likes the interchange with people, the excitment of knowing there’s an increased attraction that can lead to a few cheeky smiles. There’s a powerful feeling that comes with catching and holding someone’s attention which can be validating for Linn.

He’s possessive over people that he loves and likes to dominate what he feels is his. He’s the type that will have very clear rules with his partner. Him and only him. He won’t be second best and wont put up with cheating. So when he turned Xanthe down, perhaps, he’s not thinking of ‘oh poor Yvette,’ (though giving his empathic nature, perhaps he was a little) but what was maybe more at the forefront of his mind was just simply, I refuse to be your piece on the side. It’s me and only me but perhaps giving circumstances and whatever political and social rules are in place, this train of thought might end up being very poisonous for Linn’s ‘always thinking of others’ mentality. 

He also has temper problems. He’s the type to just erupt into verbal and/or physical attacks, and perhaps that’s due to holding back his own feelings for so long in his regard for others.
This can also be the result of childhood discipline as he was the type of child who focused on unsual thoughts that might have disturbed nearby adults e.g wanting to be a princess

Often these sorts of people learn to associate pain with love and find it difficult to seperate the two. Something I feel is very important within the name to remember. He will laugh and continue on as normal but tends to endure alot of self imposed pain stemming from his desire to be loved. He has an insatiable need to be loved, especially if this personality has suffered childhood trauma (and perhaps the main reason for demanding that he is the one and only to his partner) while simultaneously finds its difficult to accept honest love or genuine affection, in fear of more pain and abandonment.

He’s a worrier. He will over analyze issues and decisions to his detriment. He is very sensitive and you could hurt his feelings very easily. However he’s very grounded and possibly has a photographic memory. In all areas though, Linn remembers most things, right down to the last word.  In acedemics, this would work to his advantage but in an argument, he would go off and it would just play on repeat in his head and will likely remember it exactly for years after the scene occurs.

And finally, Linneus is exceptionally organised in pretty much every area. He’s the type to enter and leave a place as though he had never been there. Everything has it’s place, bookmarked and filed. Maybe even colour coded. In fact, he’s probably organised to the point of obsessional. He has a very sharp eye for detail and will match colours and patterns and will think of things that either go unnoticed or taken for granted by most other people.  In short, he’s a perfectionist. He will do a job and he will do it right. If that energy gets out of hand, he can become a workaholic and may be perceived negatively by others for being egotistical and headstrong.

That may not always be the case for Linn but he is stubborn. In fact, he can be very headstrong and doesnt like admitting when he’s wrong. He finds it very difficult to accept that he’s made a mistake because of his need to always be perfect and to have things done perfectly, flaws in the plan are hard to swallow.
He accepts criticism when it’s coming from someone who genuinely cares about him and only wishes to be helpful and approaches it with compassion and understanding. When its judgemental or frayed in any tone, he doesnt like it. Remember he also doesnt deal well with anger either, so yelling at him will have him turning and walking away.

So as a whole, the name ‘Linneus’ says that he’s a good people person and has a genuine love for other people. He will help them out the best he can because if he doesnt know what they are feeling, he has an acute idea of what it must be like. He may worry about others more than most but he also has his own issues to deal with and is trying his hardest to wade through. On the surface, he’s very calm and tranquil and grounded but underneath is just an ocean of emotions and issues. He’s fiery and passionate and proud but he’s also very fragile, insecure and dependent on others. He needs others to need him.
Threatening to send him away, is like a death sentence to Linneus. To pluck him out of his enviroment and away from everyone and everything he has known and holds dear, would have been quite a blow, and to start yelling at him as well, it’s easier to understand why he reacted by running out of the room instead of defending himself.

He needs to be validated by others but also by himself. He needs to be able to say to himself that he’s worth his skin. I think Linneus is in need of some kind of intervention, perhaps more so than Xanthe. They’re both in pretty miserable situations but I think Linneus got the raw end. He’s literally a caged bird. Xanthe has the potential within his name to do great things and has a little bit more room to negotiate and make change but he just cant pick himself up of the floor whereas Linneus has the potential but its unknown because it’s never been given a chance, either from other people or Linn himself. He’s on the floor but just doesnt see the point of getting up.

Hihi! i bought this neimology book years back and recently pulled it back out and thought it would be fun to do readings for the TH characters, so far have Atros, Linn, Rory and Remy.

i’m not an expert at this, just thought it would be interesting =)

For Xanthe Atros (so fill your teacup! and sorry for any mistakes)

The name of Xanthe gives a desire for honesty, truth, wisdom and justice. He is self reliant and detail orientated but can also be lazy during play time ( such as just lounging around with Linneus on his mind lol)
As an A character, he is considered the best at multi tasking and because he’s detail orientated, he’s dependable and reliable. He’s the type of person who will pick up where other’s are slacking, he will get a job done and probably feels that no one quite puts in the extra effort anyway. Normally this may give rise to a desire for praise but it will often go unnoticed leaving him feeling underappreciated.

One of the biggest challenges to his name is that he needs to recognise when he’s over self sacrificing himself and through this behaviour, others can easily take advantage or manipulate, which is often the case for people who give so much of themselves all the time. He needs to learn how to set and keep to boundaries.

He’s clearly very hard working but he judges himself harshly. If he makes a mistake or makes the wrong decision, you don’t have to correct him because he will belittle himself quite a bit already. On the other side, he thrives on compliments and perhaps it’s his insecurity is the reason for that. It’s a bit of cycle, he needs to be constantly told that he’s doing a good job and well done and thank you, in order to come back the next day and keep doing a good job. When’s he’s critized and beating himself up, he will just shut down and quit. He’s the type that needs to be approached kindly so instead of yelling at him with ‘you never help me out’ because he will go off and think ‘i’m a useless, horrible person,’ You would have to say, ‘gosh, i really love when you help me out,’ He’s a people pleaser at heart and when you approach him gently and kindly, he is more likely do something for you, whereas when you state the negative, he’ll just become defensive and angry, and that can spill over an affect other areas in his life. So you’ve annoyed him at home, so he goes into work and shouts and yells at everyone else for little or no reason at all.

He has a tendency to over indulge in areas he enjoys, so perhaps in Xanthe’s case that might be sex or reading maybe, he doesn’t really tell anyone what his particular interests our other than Linn lol Perhaps one could argue that his tendency to indulge in sex so much  (other than rejection lol) is that he’s the type that needs to be touched. He not only needs to be verbally comforted and encouraged, he needs that on a physical level as well. He needs to be hugged or patted on the back or a good luck kiss. Some people don’t have sex until they feel loved while others need to have sex in order to feel loved. Xanthe is one of those people, which is an interesting weight to add to the pro atros arguments. So when Linn rejected Xanthe in that scene in his office, for Xanthe (if he were real) that wasn’t just, ‘no i cant do it’ for whatever Linn’s reason, but for Xanthe, that was complete rejection of him and his entirety, in his head.

He has a very intense, stubborn aspect to his name. He is a bit of lone wolf and will do things his own way. He doesn’t like unreasonable demands and cant tolerate working with people who are incompetent at their jobs. I feel that annoys most people anyway but for an A character, this is one of his ticks. He can’t stand it and if he’s working under someone who can’t do their job successfully, he will eventually start taking over. That’s not to say that he’s a tyrant but he enjoys being the force behind people as in his desire to be useful and helpful to others.
As he spends so much of his life working and focusing and being responsible for so much he may get to a point in his life, or perhaps periodically throughout his life, feel the need to just abandon everything. He’ll just up and leave, or will come in to work and say, ‘morning guys, i booked a holiday for myself for a fortnight last night and i leave tomorrow morning. see ya later,’ This is just his own way of keeping his mental focus and reviving himself after all he does or attempts for others throughout the day.

He’s a ‘swan’ type. On the outside, he looks like he’s just gliding through and is completely detached from whatever drama is happening but underneath the swan’s legs are kicking furiously to keep him a float. He has control over his emotions and just doesnt let them show all that often or he will dwell on a situation until he reaches a conclusion that satisfies him enough to move on and ignore his feelings, all of which is done internally. An A character is one of the ‘thinkers’ and doesn’t open up as much as other personalities.

The biggest negative factor to the name is when he feels good, he’s a powerhouse but when he feels bad, he’s a train wreck lol He’s pretty much the opposite of all the positive attributes i’ve just mentioned. He is completely unreliable and dazed, he sits in his office kicking himself, he doesnt listen to others, he can be hurtful, demanding and unreasonable. When he’s having a bad day, he is in danger of becoming a tyrant and that’s something that he really needs to realise and remember. He is already an extreme personality who will follow his own path, so when then that’s turned on it’s head and is used negatively, he can be emotionally abusive. He will manipulate things or situations to get his way, he will keep people around to serve his purpose.

All though to be fair, when he’s feeling good, he will do this anyway but its for positive outcomes like a business deal or an important contact, whereas when it’s negative, it’s for his own gain. Whatever his mood, when he sets a goal, no one is getting in his way so you can imagine how someone like that would feel when things dont go according to plan. He can become one of the ‘saddest and angriest people around.’
Another challenge to his name is time. He probably struggles to do everything he wants to do within the set time period. He’s the one that’s probably always late or running late.

For Xanthe, the main thing to remember is that on a good day he’s organised, calm, determined and grounded, he’s a focused, hard working ‘go getter’. On a bad day, he’s the complete opposite. You stay out of his way or you’re in firing line.

He holds resentment, he’s confrontational and self absorbed. He has as much potential in his name to be a highly, argumentative and unlikeable personality, as well as being a observant and inspiring, thoughtful humanatarian who seeks a better world to live in and possibly even go on to provide a way of making people’s lives better.
The another aspect to being confrontational is his unwillingness to accept the truth and/or to see another’s point of view and that can be because of his sensitive nature. He doesn’t want to admit that maybe he was wrong or has just been hurt to the point where he just doesnt want to forgive and forget and when he’s upset, he passes blame, he’s vindictive and plays dirty.

Oh, Xanthey boy, so much for you to overcome lol But basically, it’s his emotional well being that takes the stage. He needs to recognise what he wants and lay down the law to others who would take advantage of his giving nature. But at the same time, he also has to remember not to trample over other people and take advantage of them. He needs to be patient and actively co operate with others. So much of his self esteem relies on others and their positive words to him so perhaps instead of always seeking a romantic relationship with Linneus, his name suggests that he would do better to build a strong friendship instead, such as when they were children and clearly happier because of their friendship.

The family name Atros suggests a family enviroment that has carried over quite a bit into his adulthood. Presumably he had a strict upbringing and their was alot of focus on his studies. Maybe his nose was forced into a book alot. Maybe daddy atros was the type of father who only felt proud or had Xanthe believe that he was only proud of him when he succeeded acedemically. Maybe that was a big pressure in his childhood, was to always succeed in whatever he undertook but their seems to be alot of focus on studies within the name. Daddy Atros might have been workaholic, much in the same way that Xanthe is now to some degree, which perhaps meant that Xanthe, when at home was alone for the most part. So it was good thing he had a little pink haired friend yearning for his attention, also waiting for him at home.
There’s also a very active rebellious energy within the name such as when Atros Sr, secretly changed the Teahouse into a brothel before it was legal. That takes a bit of guts.

Considering that Xanthe only likes being called Xanthe by certain people, perhaps he feels alot of attachment to this name. Both Xanthe and Atros have a leaning towards being very intelligent and good business people but there’s a neediness in the name of Xanthe that isnt there in Atros. Atros is still an intelligent and calculating thinker but it’s alot stronger and more brazen and more likely to step out and confidently break rules, wheras Xanthe is alot more fragile and is very dependent on verbal and physical encouragement, so it’s interesting to note that only Linneus seems to be allowed to call Xanthe by the ‘i need you’ first name.



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Axis (TeaHouse Comic): Character Study


Notes: Still battling my stomach syndrome. It is very unpredictable and I am not sure how long this flare up will last. In any case, writing is like my own self-medication and whenever I get a burst of energy I try to lie down and just write something.  Apologizes in advance if my writing seems very rough, it has been a while since I have written anything.

This time around I will be focusing my study on Axis my favorite character from the web-comic, TeaHouse. Do check it out, I heavily recommend this comic not only for the gorgeous (heavy emphasis on the gorgeous) drawings, but it has a wide range of fun, fun characters to behold too. Most importantly though, it has a lot of yaoi! Can’t go wrong with that!

Webcomic can be viewed here:


Axis (TeaHouse Comic): Character Study

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Linneus & Rory

Linneus and RoryJust wanted to share some fanart I drew a while ago (just unearthed!) of Linneus and Rory.  Love Teahouse!! Such a refreshing, original comic - thanks to the authors for creating it!