Teahouse: Fanfic -A Kings Desires-

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Teahouse: Fanfic –A Kings Desires and A Whores Wishes- 

Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me. They are property of E. and CC. ; the two beautiful creators of the yaoi webcomic, Teahouse. 

*Meant to take place after page 199 in Chapter 6. 


The sounds of their shoes on the marble floor made ear shattering clicks as they walked the castle in silence. The floor to ceiling windows let in moonlight that cast shadows over the walls, moving along like ghosts at their heels. 

“Hey, can’t you say where we’re going yet!?” If his voice came off as pissed it’s because he was. Having been woken up and dragged from the Teahouse without an answers as to where or who he was being taken to. 

“Shhh!” Zephyr, as Atros has introduced him, quitted him once more; which is all he had done since he had fetched Axis. His face and mannerisms came across just as irritated as Axis’ own.

This was all so strange and out of character that it gave Axis a nervous knot in the pit of his stomach. Atros never let his courtesans out of the Teahouse for house calls, never; it was a strict rule that courtesans only received their guests inside the Teahouse. So this person must be important, crazily important, and paying a lot of money. Once more, it was the middle of the night. Who needed a lay so badly that they would call a whore to their house…castle…in the middle of the night? That too, this was the castle, so it had to be a royal.

‘I’ve never been with a royal before, nobles sure, but this is a whole different class of person.’ He thought on this hard, because it also concerned him. Whoever it was called for him by name and he was sure he had never slept with someone from the castle before. Then again, who knew, maybe he had? 

He titled his head up as they walked thinking about this, trying to remember faces, anyone who had looked or acted like they would live here in castle. 


“Keep your face down and your hood drawn.” Axis shot Zephyr a look, but the man was glaring harshly at him over his shoulder, so he obeyed; lowering his head back to the ground and pulling the hood around his cheeks. This too was freaking him out a bit, being so damn secretive. The hood, coming in through the servant’s quarters. Though, he figured a royal shouldn’t be with a whore, which was considered…‘inappropriate’. So he guessed, now that he thought about it, the discreetness made sense. 

“Stop here.” Zephyr held up a hand to stop Axis, who immediately looked up, letting his hood fall backwards. Zephyr sighed, shook his head sadly, and knocked lightly on the door before opening it himself. 

“Sire, I’ve brought the man you requested.” 

Axis just stared at the back of Zephyr’s head, he too wore a cloak, but he was straining to see beyond that, to the man. A man who was so important that Atros would let him leave the Teahouse, so important that his sexual desires had to be kept secret, that he should be addressed as ‘Sire’. 

“Bring him in.” 

‘That voice!?’ Before Zephyr could even move aside Axis pushed pass him and entered the room. “You…” He didn’t get too far pass the door before he had to stop, digging his heels into the plush carpet. Everything in the room spun for a moment and that knot in his stomach got tighter. He felt his skin crawl over his arms and his neck, breathing stopped and when it came to him again he gasped sharply.  

He knew who this was, perfectly and undeniable, this was someone he had least expected. Rhys didn’t look at him at first; instead he kept staring into the fireplace. With its burnt out ashes and amber hue from the still warm coals. He wore nothing but his blue robe, barely tied and falling over his shoulders. In the small bit of light he could till that his skin was pale and his face looked unbelievably tired and sunken. As he described Rhys more in his head he started to think this had to be a different person. There was no way this sad, worn out, pitiful looking person was the man he knew. 

When Rhys finally looked over at him, slowly rolling his head over, Axis bulked again at the bags under his eyes and the way Rhys seemed to almost look through him. 

“You’re a…ah…I mean…you live here…” 

“Try to show some respect, this is your King. King Rhys D’Ivore II.” Zephyr bowed slightly and glared at Axis to do the same. It was all Axis could do to keep from fainting, let alone bow.

“Stop the formalities Zephyr, you can go.” Rhys pulled himself clumsily out of his chair, having to brace himself against it for balance. 

“As you wish, Sire.” Zephyr nodded lightly, looked between Rhys and Axis with much concern, straightened and left. 

“K-King…you’re the new King…w-which means…” He had to look away from Rhys as he tried to process this. He had known Rhys was rich and noble, but his personality sucked too much to be a Prince, and now, now Rhys was his King. 

“You were getting fucked by the Prince. I had wondered when you were going to figure it out. Didn’t think it would take me becoming King to get you to realize that.” Pushing himself off the chair he made his way over to Axis, who still stared at the floor as if it would give him answers. 

“Fuck…you we’re the Prince!?” He took a step back as Rhys wrapped his arms around his shoulders. Up close he could see that Rhys was in worse shape than he had initially thought. The bags under his eyes were dark and deep, his hair was unkempt and stingy in his face, his body reeked of whisky. He felt sorry for this man and that bothered him. To worry so much, wonder what Rhys had been doing in this room all alone for hours. A whore…a whore shouldn’t worry about their customers.  

“I don’t want to talk about that.” He made to kiss at his lips, but Axis pulled his head back and pushed Rhys away. 

“Hold up a second…you look like shit.” He felt a faint blush on his cheeks and looked at Rhys as seriously as he could. 

“How honest of you to say so.” He tightened his grip in Axis’ hair and pulled him back for another attempt at a kiss. Their lips touched for just a moment before Axis’ tossed his head to the side. 

“I said wait! We really going to do this?” This didn’t seem right, he was obviously hurting, even Axis could pick up on that much. It all felt wrong when Rhys looked the way he did now, tired and broken. Desperately trying to make himself forget everything. 

“What? Suddenly it’s too indecent for you? Being with the King?” He gritted his teeth and glared at Axis, growling out his words with pure annoyance. 

“Your dad just died…” It slipped out and he hastily bit his tongue back. He felt Rhys’ grip in his hair loosen, but his eyes stayed tense and still on Axis’ face. 

“Yes, he’s dead, and I’m King. Everyone keeps acting like I don’t know this.” Axis didn’t know what to say in response. It was uncalled for to speak to him in such a way, it wasn’t like Rhys was a child that needed reminding. He pulled a little backwards to get Rhys to let go of him, but Rhys hands tightened again. “I didn’t call you here to talk to me about my dead family or my newly attained title.” His tone was cold as he spoke slowly; letting each word fall heavily, causing Axis eyes to shake. He crawled his hand down Axis’ chest, stomach, hips, until it came to rest on Axis crotch where he gripped him through his pants tightly. “I called you here to do your job whore.” 

“Hey! Wait a minute—!” Axis dug his fingers into Rhys arms as the man backed him over to the bed and pushed him down. Rhys got to his knees and pressed to continue as he unbuckled Axis’ pants. The tiny clinks of metal were all Axis could hear as he closed his eyes and tried not to get carried away in the desperate actions Rhys was displaying. 

“I don’t take orders from you, remember that.” Pulling down Axis pants a little he took the partially hardened cock in his hands and stroked it a few times before taking in into his mouth. Axis gasped lightly as he opened his eyes to watch.

Dark shapes painted themselves across the new King’s thin face. The once radiant brash man now slumped down on the floor. He pleasured Axis as if it was the only thing keeping his mind from falling apart. Their positions felt reversed, as if Rhys was the sad whore and Axis was the client. It was such a miserable sigh that Axis found it hard to be angry or put up any fight against him.  

With a deep sigh Axis leaned back with one hand pressed into the plush feather bed, and the other he laid gently atop Rhys’ head. Stroking Rhys’ hair softly he continued to study the man’s face and body. The robe had fallen clear down to Rhys’ elbows, exposing the pale skin of his back and the little bumps of his spin. Axis allowed a few tight moans to escape from his closed lips as Rhys’ sucked on him clumsily. He felt no pleasure from it, but still his erection grew larger between the Rhys’ delicate lips.

Rhys’ eyes fluttered open at sounds and he glanced up to see Axis face. On it was an expression he’d never seen before. Instead of the carnal lust he was so used to this face was sad and full of pity. 

“Stop looking like you don’t enjoy this. Your body is more honest than your eyes.” He petted Axis cock some more, his fingers kneading into the hot flesh. No blissful sighs slipped from Axis’ lips this time though, instead he sighed. Without warning he gripped both of Rhys’ arms roughly and hauled him upwards. He pulled Rhys all the way onto the bed and placed him directly above his body on all fours. 

“Since were discussing honesty, why don’t you tell why the hell I’m here.” His voice was low, stern, but still came out like a plea. It was so softly spoken that Rhys wanted it gone. He was tired of everyone trying to get him to open up, to speak about things that no longer mattered. His feelings, his desires, his world no longer belonged to him. Every bit of him was owned by a kingdom and its people. This though, this brutish, arrogant, cocky, self-centered, man belong to him. 

“Don’t speak to me as if you know me.” He sat up, but pushed Axis down with his body, applying all his weight and grinding down against his dick. 

“You didn’t bring me here looking to fuck.” 

“Of course I did!” He didn’t mean to lose him temper, but his words came out with such a violent sting that it was clear he had. Axis face didn’t change from the different look of pity and it caused Rhys to feel more hate. He felt his emotions boiling over inside of him and let them spill out. His voice came out as horse cracks as he screamed down at Axis’ face. “W-What other need would I have of a whore like you!? Whose only talent is jamming his cock into women and taking one up the ass!? A slut with cares for no one but himself! Fucking is the only thing you are good at! Why else would I want you—” He was cut off by Axis fingers, light parting his robe and caressing his cock with a rough hand. 

“You’re not even hard.” Rhys eyes widened and his breathe hitched in his throat. Neither of them moved. They just stared at each other. Rhys expression seemed almost frightened and Axis felt his own appearance sadden, but steeled it to seem uncaring. As the realization sunk in Rhys’ cheeks colored and he smacked Axis’ hand away.

“You made me soft with all your nonsense.” He looked away, his words shaking on the verge of anger. 

“You haven’t been hard once since I got here. Not even when you were sucking me off.” 
Rhys didn’t have anything to answer with. It was truth and he couldn’t deny it. Like he couldn’t deny that he had felt nothing when Zephyr touched him, so he thought to get Axis, but still nothing moved him to feel excitement. Sex was an escape, it always had been, but he felt as if he was stuck in a cage with no way out and now sex was no longer an option for solace. 

All at once his features changed, letting go of his rage and giving way to fatigue. Letting his hands fall to his sides he felt the exhaustion that had pledged him earlier return and the fight was gone. Axis saw the change too and reached for Rhys’ face. He let his fingers tips trace over the heavy lines that showed the burden of his new crown. 

“Rhys…” That name, saying that name for the first time caused him to blush and his heart to beat loudly. He moved his fingers to the back of Rhys’ neck and pulled the man downwards, resting Rhys’ head to his chest. With one arm around Rhys’ body and the other still caressing his face, he held him close and allowed himself to breathe deeply. 

The only sound in the room was their breathing, starting heavy at first until they became in sync, inhaling together and finding comfort in the rise and fall of each other’s chests. Their bodies were hot, but they soon cooled enough for Axis to pull one of the blue silk sheets around them. Neither of them said a word or even looked at the other. Axis just shut his eyes and listened to the sounds they made. The gentle touch of his fingers tenderly brushing Rhys skin made the smallest of sounds, but he still concentrated on it. The sound of Rhys wetting his dry lips met his ears and caused him to take an even deeper breath. Rhys was so entangled in all his senses that it was maddening; be that as it may, he still had no desire for sex tonight. 

“Hey…you know…you can cry…if you want that is.” Rhys tried to sit up, but Axis forced his head back down. “I’m serious; I doubt you’ve cried yet.” He felt his face grow in embarrassment, but he pushed that aside.

“How thoughtful of you, but I take offense to being treated like a woman.” 

“I cried, when my parents died, just once, but it helped.” With hesitation he looked down at Rhys, still caressing his cheek and ran his thumb under his eyes. “It’s not weak to shed a tear for someone you loved.” Rhys just stared back at him, blinkingly a few times, but unchanging in his unamused expression. Axis sighed and kissed his forehead before leaning back into the bed and closing his eyes, absently mindedly petting Rhys’s cheek and hair. He held him tighter, hoping to bring some reassurance to the young King. 

King, such a strange thing to say about Rhys, a spoiled haughty Prince turned King overnight. He now ruled over everyone, but yet nothing belonged to himself. The deep bags under his eyes were clear indications of the demands the kingdom made of him and still there would be more to come and the days to pass would not make it any easier. 

“I-I was glad that you had no idea I was the Prince.” Axis’s stiffened as the sudden confession; made in such a strained voice that he had to wonder if Rhys had really spoken. “You gave me so much shit…treated me like I was just another person, with no thought to my title.” His words came out as barely a whisper and as they flowed more freely Axis could feel the tiny pearl like tears that fell onto his chest. For fear they would stop he said nothing, only listened. “I still need that…I need someone to treat me as if I am still just another face.” Axis felt Rhys body start to shake a bit and he held him closer and continued to run his fingers through his hair. “I don’t care if it’s just one person; I need someone to treat me like I’m not a reflection of my position. Right now, tonight, I wanted to be with someone who wasn’t going to demand anything from me…” Maybe it was the alcohol, or the stress, maybe even the comfort of Axis arms holding him, but he spoke honestly. In the morning he would feel the embarrassment of crying on a man’s shoulder and the guilt of being selfish, but right now he didn’t care for titles or position, he wanted this peace with Axis. 

The silent tears continued and if Axis hadn’t felt them on his chest he wouldn’t have known Rhys was crying. As they lay there time seemed to disappear and all that was left for them was the darkness of the room and the sound of their low breathing. After a while the tears stopped, but still neither of them moved from the warmth they were providing each other, in body and soul. When he felt Rhys head slipped down his arm a little Axis looked over to find the peaceful face of a sleeping King. The bags under his eyes were still deep and dark, but somehow he looked younger and fragile. 

Axis smiled to himself and pulled Rhys back up closer to him, laying Rhys over his chest and hugging him. With the very tips of his fingers he titled Rhys’ sleeping face up and laid a final kiss to his mouth. Just for a few heavenly moments he craved the feel of Rhys’ soft lips into his memory; fighting back his own tears as he thought of never having this feeling again. Everything had changed and for them none of it was for the better. 

“Sleep well…my King.”

New page up at Teahousecomic.com!

New page up at Teahousecomic.com!

teaser image for the next page of Teahouse!!

teaser image for the next page of Teahouse!!

Teahouse at Sakura-con! BOOTH SP05!

Teahouse at Sakura-con! BOOTH SP05!

Since the website is being a butt :P
Here is the final page!!

Since the website is being a butt :P

Here is the final page!!

New page up at Teahousecomic.com! 

New page up at Teahousecomic.com

Axis ;; lowsodiumsalt , Rhys ;; Silverwyn
Photographer ;; GettiBucket 

Axis ;; lowsodiumsalt , Rhys ;; Silverwyn

Photographer ;; GettiBucket 

New page up at Teahousecomic.com!

New page up at Teahousecomic.com!

Teahouse at Kawaii-Kon 2014!! OMG HAWAII GUYS!
ARTIST ALLEY TABLE 115Our table is a bit in the back in case you can’t find us- I won’t have our banner with us so you’ll have to look for the light blue tablecloth and Teahouse books!

Teahouse at Kawaii-Kon 2014!! OMG HAWAII GUYS!

Our table is a bit in the back in case you can’t find us- I won’t have our banner with us so you’ll have to look for the light blue tablecloth and Teahouse books!